Lucky Break-/

I had no real plan.

The lack of plan was the whole plan.

Well actually, the plan was to stop at Race Service, the rest of it was a surprise to me.

Driving from northern California to southern California cooking and eating and sleeping in my car down the west coast left me with an insanity. The trip hasn't stopped since. There's a traumatic onset arthritis that can occur with sleeping on hard surfaces for long periods of time, eating away at the bone over time and raising complications later in life. I had a 3" memory foam bad on a wooden platform, which at times sunk through to nothingness and nightmare. Nonetheless, the show must go on.

Race Service was my goal.

Out of an entire Los Angeles metropolis, I had only their address and street-view memorized. They are the overseers of bringing the greatest racing sport in the world, stateside. Through their efforts of constant work, improvement and creativity they've ballooned the sport to some of the most feverishly watched in race history. I wasn't after that per-say, I was after a meeting with a few friendly folks at the masthead.

Through the kind words of James and Jacob, I was able to manifest a dream and turn it to reality. Through the encouragement of James I was able to shoot this one-of-a-kind Techart Porsche traveling throughout California on its media tour.

On complete accident- I was able to direct and shoot an entire showcase within their walls.

I promised them I'd be back.