Photographs can be captures of once-in-a-lifetime moments, and I strive to offer affordability and skill that is unmatched in the valley.

Standard Portraits

These are casual shoots that can be considered for fashion, lifestyle, couples or seniors.

Contact for specifics.

1-2hr session

Premium Portraits

These are more involved creative photoshoots with multiple outfits, 1- 2 locations, art direction, collaboration, and 5+ hours of fine detail post-production.

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Standard Automotive

These are casual automotive/motorcycle shoots on location, often stationary with in-depth post-production and quick turnaround time.

Rolling shots require a small additional fee for my driver(s).

1-2-hr session

Premium Automotive

These are much more involved with moving subjects and speed on location, often requiring 3-5+ hours of work with 4-5+ hours of post-production.

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Businesses & Events

Something different and unique to advertise your private business or event. Can be considered for anything from architecture to skill showcases.

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