It seems so easy.

Grab your keys, go for a drive.

That's it. It seems so easy.

It is so easy.

So why not?

Be productive. Create. Content.

Be. Productive. Applications. Write emails.

Memorize names. LinkedIn homepage. Send more emails.

Beg for attention. Beg for growth. Beg for attention. Beg for growth.

Be productive.

Grab your keys, and go.

Right foot heavy. My right foot's heavy.

1st, missed 2nd because the transmission is fucked, 3rd, 4th- ooh that was smooth, 5th. 5th again. Transmission's fucked.

Cruise the machine.

Blast the stereo.

Subwoofer massaging your seat to scrap; 28 year old bolts shaking loose with every-beat and a seat-belt that gets tricky but only if you miss the click the first time... (You have to hold the red part down).

Seat bolsters too small, corners too fast and a suspension bought off eBay with welds you can only describe as "questionable"-

shaking and scooting and shifting and moving.

Downshift, try to heel-toe, fail miserably and over-rev to 3rd- back to 4th.

It's scary now. Headlights only see so far.